2021 Season

March 21, 2021
We regret to report that Parochial Kickers Soccer League (PKSL) will be unable to hold a spring soccer season. As indicated in our prior email, the uncertainties and risks associated with the ongoing pandemic required the PKSL directors to seek administrative oversight and backing from the Diocese's Office of Elementary School Athletic Programs. In response to that request, we were recently advised that the Diocese was not in a position to provide the needed support. While the Diocese clearly reached its decision reluctantly and with regret, there were apparently a number of reasons that they could not step in and take on a leading administrative role, chief among those reasons: funding uncertainties tied to the ongoing bankruptcy proceedings.

Without backing, insurance, and administrative oversight from the Diocese, there is no practical way for PKSL to hold a season this spring. We are heartbroken to be telling you this. Please take good care and stay safe, as we all look forward to better times in the days to come.