Diminuco Cup

2017 Tournament Schedule

The game schedule is posted here.

Al Dimunoco

A very dear friend of ours, Al Dimunoco has passed away suddenly at the very young age of 54.  Al coached, refereed and was the President of the Parochial Kickers for many years.  He was instrumental in creating the Coaches Cup that is enjoyed by many at the end of each season.  Because of his extraordinary efforts to our club and the love he had for the game of soccer, the Coaches Cup will now be known as the Dimunoco Cup.


  • The league director will set up Coaches Cup.  Volunteers are needed for field marshals, registration, clean-up etc.
  • Single Elimination format.
  • Minimum # of teams in a division to have a coaches cup is 4. No maximum number of teams.
  • We will not limit the number of teams per school.
  • Teams MUST be registered online before or on the deadline set by the league. This is 14 days before the first cup game is scheduled to allow time to create brackets and schedule fields.  Late registrants will be put on a waiting list.
  • FINAL bracket will be complete NO LATER than 7 days before scheduled first day of cup play.
  • Teams will be placed into brackets by the league director.  Teams will NOT be re-ranked after each round.
  • We will follow the same rules as the regular season - i.e. gender rule.  No exceptions to this, if a team cannot follow the guidelines, they should not register to play.
  • Original league rosters to be mailed, emailed or turned in at check-in.  No additional players can be added to the teams, no call-ups, etc.
  • Tie games for Semi-final and finals will have two 5 minute overtime periods (non sudden death).  If still tied, it will then be followed by a shoot-out.
  • 1-man referee system for all games; 3-man referee system for semis and finals.
  • Trophies will be awarded to the 1st and 2nd place teams. Medals will be awarded to the individual players of the championship team at the end of the final game.

Previous Winners

Varsity Junior Varsity PeeWee
2016 St. Peter & Paul St. Amelias 1 Park 1
2015 St. Peter & Paul St. Gregorys 1 St. Gregorys 3
2014 St. Francis St. Amelias St. Amelias
2013 St. Andrews St. Andrews DeSales
2012 St. Christophers 3 St. Francis St. Benedicts
2011 St. Peter & Paul 1
St. Francis
Park 1
2010 St. Andrews St. Christophers 2 St. Christophers 2
2009 St. Christophers 1 St. Gregorys 2 Park 1
2008 Park 1 St. Christophers 2 St. Christophers 1
St. Andrews 1 St. Christophers 1 St. Gregorys 1